Can solar panels change the energy landscape in India?

Solar Panel System

For centuries,the image of a power station has been that of a large plot of machines that are covered in smoke,the workers covered in dust and shoveling coal, and huge chimneys emitting smog that makes it impossible to breathe. Fortunately, for us, we are finally at a point in time when little panels are set to take over,making energy as simple a commodity as salt and sugar. All this is made possible by the use of a simple yet revolutionary technology- solar panels.This article goes on to explore how solar panels are changing the way people live and breathe(quite literally), how they work, the rise and future of solar energy in India, its benefits and how you can gain it.

Put simply, a solar panel is a container. It is a container of small units called PV(photovoltaic) cells.These cells are so small, they can fit inside the palm of your hand. However, these little cells are so good at their job, that if 1.2% of the Sahara Desert were covered in them, they would generate enough energy to power the world.

How do solar panels work?

At the centre of the solar system sits a big ball of energy called the Sun. The Sun throws a lot of energy at the Earth in the form of light particles(photons). Solar panels help us grab some of this energy through the photoelectric effect (the theory that got Einstein his nobel prize). In short, it causes electrons to flow from one end to another, generating clean, safe, reliable energy that can be used to power everything from your toaster to your fridge without messing with the air you and your family breathe.

Decrease in cost of panels in India

Are solar panels difficult to install and maintain?

Not only are solar panels very low-maintenance, but since solar energy has been on a lightning fast rise in India, most parts of the country even have experienced installers and vendors who are well equipped to take the hassle of solar panel  installation and maintenance away from the consumer. Installers know little details like where to place the solar panels, how to design around obstructions,etc. Most of them even provide complimentary service and maintenance, sometimes up to 5 years after installation.

How can you benefit from solar?

Regardless of whether you live in a large mansion or an apartment building, in a remote village or a metropolitan city, you can benefit from this simple technology. Indian consumers are picking up on every innovation offered by solar, from the solar water heater system to the solar cooker. In addition, a rooftop solar system is the go-to choice among Indian consumers. A solar panel system installed on your roof ensures the supply of reliable power, generates long-term savings and even helps you do your bit for the environment and join the energy revolution.

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