Top 6 Benefits of Solar Energy

The advantages of using solar power

Did you know that if keep going at the present rate, our fossil fuel reserves will get exhausted in the next 50 years? Where do we then look to for meeting our energy requirements? Up is the answer and rightfully so. High up there in the sky sits the sun - an energy source that is expected to last for another 5 billion years. Day after day, it showers us with cheap and clean renewable energy, but we still use electricity generated by coal. What a pity! 

Solar energy has reached our everyday lives from being just a science laboratory research topic in recent years. Solar cars and airplanes have been objects of great media attention. Solar energy is being brought in use to power devices like solar geysers, solar cookers, and solar street lights. Supported by government benefits like solar subsidies and tax incentives, an increasing number of people and industries are using rooftop solar panels to meet their electricity demand. 

Solar energy’s growing popularity has not happened by chance. It is because of the advantages it offers that it has become widely accepted. Benefits of Solar energy range from reduced bills to a greener planet. Let us have a look at some of them

Advantages of Solar Energy:

why you should switch to solar

1) Diverse Applications

Solar energy can be used to generate electricity as well to produce heat. It can be used in mobile devices like solar power banks as well as to power satellites and industries. Contrary to popular opinion that solar power can be afforded by only the rich, there are a number of solar devices that will easily fit your budget. These are divided into two broad categories - thermal solar, that is, the use of solar energy to generate heat like solar geysers and solar cookers, and electric solar, that is, the use of solar energy to produce electricity by using solar panels and solar cells. Check this blog to know about some amazing daily life applications of solar power.

2) Access to Cheap & Uninterrupted Electricity

All of us have been victims of power cuts during the last over of a cricket match. Add to it the agony of paying skyrocketing electricity bills. Solar installations for home relieve you from having to pay expensive electricity bills ever again and help you enjoy those super overs. Besides, the concept of solar net metering, makes it possible for users to export electricity to the main electricity grid and earn revenue or credit points for that. 

3) Environment Friendly

India is the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world. The majority of that is produced by thermal power plants running on coal. The only way to reduce emissions is by switching to a zero-carbon energy source and solar energy is just the right solution for generating clean electricity. It is renewable and can be accessed from most parts of the world daily. Constant research & innovation in solar technology points towards a brighter solar-powered future with more aspects of human lives becoming solar-powered including transportation and electronic gadgets. I am linking some of the cool innovations in solar tech here

4) Low Maintenance Costs

Most of the solar installers offer up to 25 years of warranty and the only maintenance required is for cleaning the panels and the replacement of storage battery. Since there is no movement, the damage due to wear and tear is negligible. Check this blog on cleaning and maintenance to improve the efficiency and life of your rooftop solar system.

5) Tax Incentives and Subsidies

Different state governments offer up to 30% subsidy on the installation cost for solar systems making it cheaper and more accessible. More policies conducive to solar are expected in near future as the government gears up to meet its ambitious 40 GW installed rooftop solar capacity. 

6) Suitable for Indian climate

India receives around 300 days of clear tropical sunlight each year making it a haven for solar energy generation. The Indian government also has an ambitious plan of achieving 40 gigawatts of installed rooftop solar capacity by 2022. There is a separate ministry of renewable energy that constantly keeps coming up with lucrative policies to promote solar energy in the country.

Besides these benefits, the pace of technology development and innovation in solar panels will only make it more efficient in the upcoming years. 


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