Solar Devices and Applications in Everyday Life

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Have you been fascinated by solar technology but are still not sure of its effectiveness? A lot of people hesitate in completely switching to solar without having used it in some form in their day to day life first. That’s pretty legitimate too because investing money and trust into technology without a small scale trial first doesn’t sound like a good idea. Luckily, there is no shortage of appliances and devices that use solar power, thanks to the diversity of solar energy. Today, we will list some of the most popular applications of solar energy in daily life which you can use before you finally switch to a completely solar-powered home. 

Solar Lights/Fans

solar street light

This is probably the most ubiquitous solar device out there. If you think that ‘solar tech’ is outside your price range then solar lights will prove you wrong. From roads lined with solar street-lights to emergency solar lanterns in remote areas, solar lights have been helping bring life to areas that were usually left in darkness by conventional electricity supply. You can find plenty of varieties online catering to all sorts of residential indoor and outdoor spaces. Portable emergency solar lamps can be a good companion drawing power cuts and outings. Although not so popular presently, solar fans also offer amazing utility. Solar-powered ceiling fans, vent-fans, and stand still backyard fans are some of the options you can choose from.

Solar Heaters

solar water heater and geyser

Solar energy doesn’t necessarily have to be converted into electricity to be useful. Another way it is harnessed is by using its heating power to, well, heat stuff. If you miss your childhood sunbathing sessions, then solar geysers can help alleviate a part of that nostalgia. Solar geysers heat water as effectively as electric ones without adding a penny to your monthly bills. High demand and competition have also drastically reduced the price of solar geysers.  Solar heating can also be used for heating rooms and swimming pools. 

Solar Cooking

solar cooker

Don’t worry, we aren’t going to ask you to exchange your lunch with photosynthesis. Solar energy can be used to cook food without using electricity, gas, or coal. On sunny days, you can use solar cookers or solar ovens to cook food easily. A makeshift solar cooking box can also be made easily at home by using aluminum foil, duct tape, and a box. This is how you can use a shoebox to make a solar cooker

Solar power storage

solar powered power bank mobile charger

The battery percentage icon is one that is a source of constant anxiety in the lives of the technology-driven modern generation. The need to constantly charge gadgets every few hours renders them unreliable for long term use in places without access to electricity or charging ports. Solar batteries are changing this, however. With the advancement in storage technology, solar energy can now be used to charge solar power banks that can save your day on a camping weekend!


solar car

With electric buses already in action in India, the day isn’t far when solar-powered modes of transportation will replace pollution causing public transportation. Solar cars and buses have already been prototyped by innovators and are set to soon revolutionize the face of travel forever. If John Lennon were alive, he’d have probably added this line to his masterpiece... “Imagine there is no emission. It’s easy if you try.


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