Automatic cleaning systems for rooftop solar panels

Automatic cleaning systems for solar panels

Ensuring proper exposure to sunlight is the most critical rule for an owner of solar panels. Since the Sun’s rays are the equivalent of fuel for solar modules, any obstruction or objects that block their clear exposure to the Sun’s rays has a direct impact on electricity generation.

Fortunately, cleaning solar panels is a fairly simple and easy job. In most cases a cloth and clean water are enough to do the trick. However, if you live in an area with high levels of dust and pollution or have to deal with the persistent problem of bird poop, technology comes to your rescue once again. A range of solar panel cleaning systems ranging from sprinkler systems to robotic cleaners can make the job of maintenance even more frictionless.

 Solar panel cleaning robot

The most obvious question consumers have when they find out about such systems is whether they can afford them. To begin with, they are simple pieces of existing technology whose fitting is modified to suit your rooftop solar panels (you may have seen sprinklers being commonly used in gardens nowadays). Hence, they are just a small addition to your project cost. Moreover, because they ensure greater electricity generation by maximising exposure to sunlight, in the long run users stand to save even more money (on top of the existing cost savings generated by going solar). Such systems eliminate human error because they are automated and further minimise the need for attention and leave space to focus on more important day-to-day challenges instead. It is also recommended that you speak to your solar panel installer (or O&M contractor) about availability of such packages or alternatives.

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