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In our previous blog, we introduced you to Waaree Energies Limited, the best solar panel brand in India as per Unergia's top solar brand rankings. Following suit, we bring to you the brand that ranked second in our list, which is the topmost solar brand in India based on the total installed capacity that stands at a humongous 12 GW, miles ahead of its closest rival, Waaree Energies.

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Adani Solar

Adani Solar is the solar manufacturing and EPC arm of the Adani Group, India’s second-largest business house by net worth and with stakes in agri, resources, logistics, and ancillary industries. Adani solar’s present annual production capacity stands at 1.5 GW and is the third-largest in India behind Waaree Energies and Vikram Solar. The website claims that Adani is now going to expand its annual manufacturing capacity to 3.5 GW which would then make it one of the 15 largest solar manufacturers worldwide.  

Adani group is the only Indian company to manufacture MonoPERC and Bifacial cells and solar modules and the only Indian brand to manufacture solar cells with an efficiency as high as 21.5%. 

Adani group has been at the forefront of India’s transition to renewable solar power. Recently, Adani also won a tender for installing 2 GW solar power by 2022 with 2 GW additional power installation every three years. 

When it comes to online ratings, Adani power has a good 3.9/5 star rating on glassdoor on the basis of about 200 feedbacks. Adani group's Facebook page has just over 6k likes which is decent if not great. 

Manufacturing Unit

Adani has India’s first, fully automated, and largest vertically integrated solar PV manufacturing unit at Mundra Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Gujrat. The manufacturing unit is part of an Electronic Manufacturing Cluster (EMC) and has state of the art manufacturing and R&D facilities with a capacity of 1.5 GW. Moreover, Adani is scaling and optimizing its facility to upgrade it to 3.5 GW capacity under a single roof. 

Some of the major projects commissioned by Adani include solar panel installations at Indore airport, Hyundai in Chennai, Andaman & Nicobar, Mundra in Gujrat, among others. 


Adani solar offers Polycrystalline (multi-crystalline), Mono PERC, and Bifacial solar modules. The website claims that the solar cells undergo 3 EL process steps while manufacturing which ensures crack-free modules are manufactured and have a superior temperature, humidity, pressure, and PID resistance which is ascertained after 2 IEC Thresher tests. The modules manufactured by Adani have certifications from various independent solar organizations and have high bankability. 

The company offers its different PV modules under the following three series:

Encore: These are multi-crystalline PV modules and are suitable for largescale and rooftop PV installations. These are 72 cell modules with power capacity ranging from 325-345 Wp. Since these are polycrystalline silicon modules, their upfront installation cost is lower and thus these are suitable for utility-scale projects. 

Eternal: These are Mono PERC modules and are available in both 60 cell and 72 cell variants. Peak power is 315 Wp for 60 cell modules and 390 Wp for 72 cell modules. These panels also perform better at high wavelengths of light thereby improving output during morning and evening hours. 

Elan: Elan series claims to be the only Indian bifacial solar module with up to 87% bifaciality factor and 360 Wp as peak power. 

Awards and Recognitions

Adani has received worldwide recognition and appreciation for its work in the green energy sector which is reflected in its long list of achievements. To not make it mundane, we will mention only some of them here. 

Recently, Adani has won the Golden Peacock National Quality Award 2020. Indian Green Building Council has rated Adani’s manufacturing facility as platinum standard and the manufacturing unit has also been audited by a number of renowned agencies such as CEA and Black & Veatch. Adani Solar is also the largest exporter of solar modules in India and the country’s topmost solar installer based on cumulative installed capacity.  

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR is one of the most interesting sections when evaluating any top company as it reflects its commitment to build a better, more prosperous, and habitable society. Adani has taken some considerable and laudable steps as a part of its CSR initiatives. 

The company has carried out extensive mangrove afforestation in the ecologically sensitive area of Mundra. The green energy initiatives have reduced the company’s as well as the country’s carbon footprint significantly. Adani group has also shown a commitment to effective waste management and has also treated 120 million liters of wastewater in 2019-20. 

Lastly, the Adani group, through Adani Foundation has touched millions of lives by imparting education to underprivileged children and empowering women and marginalized communities. You can check more on Adani’s social initiatives on Adani Foundation’s Website.


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