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Simple and easy. You are in the driver’s seat!

Unergia provides a hassle-free experience. We are your one stop shop to get multiple Solar quotes customised to your needs. Have a stress-free installation period.

Installers Compete For Your Business

Unergia ensures that you get Government certified Solar Panels of the highest quality. Closed bidding process ensures that none of the installers inflate their costs or compromise quality.

Multiple Financing Options Customised For You

Unergia will provide different financing opportunities for your Solar system.

Compare Quotes Apples-To-Apples

Unergia makes it easy for you to compare and pick the different quotes

Guidance throughout the process

Unergia gathers multiples quotes for you and acts as an unbiased, independent consultant. Our IIT certified Solar designers will inspect the site and ensure that installation is done properly.

Making It Easy To Visualise

Unergia generates a Solar Report that estimates the future electricity production of your Solar system. The report uses GPS location, weather trends and 3D Design of your building to estimate the electricity production over the life of the plant.

We Screen Installers So You Don't Have To

Unergia installer go through a rigorous screening process before the on boarding. This ensures that only legitimate installers give you quotes.

Go Online

Remote Monitoring System gives real-time updates to monitor Solar energy generation via internet.


Unergia made our experience of going Solar hassle-free and simple. The platform does an important job of aggregating offers from certified installers. Their expert advice helped us make a timely decision.

Rabindra Kumar


Unergia's platform did a great job of educating us about Solar. All the vendors competed to gave us the best possible price, without compromising on quality. We saw a 20% reduction in our final costs.

Sathish Ramanujan


As a customer, there's a level of comfort I had while operating on Unergia. They do the needful screening that's necessary to make a decision that sticks with you for 25 years.

Harish Gupta


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Solar (power) Plant?

A solar plant converts sunlight to electricity using photovoltaic cells in solar panels. It helps reduce your electricity bill and helps the environment.

What is the return on investment in solar?

The return on investment will depend on a range of factors: type of customer (residential or industrial), state policy, the model (CAPEX, OPEX, Loan) etc. Returns on Investment can go up to 30%

What is the lifespan of a solar plant?

Solar panels have performance warranty of 25 years from the manufacturer and inverters usually have a warranty of 5 years which can be extended.

What is the cost of a solar plant?

The cost of the solar plant depends on a number of factors like: Size of solar plant, specifications of the plant, type of model, etc. In each of the models, Unergia carries out a closed bidding process to ensure that installers and financiers give you the best possible price in order to stay competitive.

What are the different models Unergia offers?

Unergia operates in four different models:
CAPEX: The entire investment for solar comes from the customer. You own the solar plant and savings is the highest in this model.
OPEX: An external financier bears the entire capital investment for the Solar plant. You get the entire system for zero upfront investment and all you need to do is pay the investor on a monthly basis for a fixed period of time.

Loan: You can get a loan for the cost of the solar plant. Tenure and interest rate will depend on the solar plant size and type of customer.
Open Access: Industrial/Commercial consumers can buy power from open market instead of their local DISCOM. Electricity is generated by Solar farm, usually where land is cheap. Electricity is sent to you via existing grid infrastructure of DISCOMs.
The correct model for you depends on if you are an industrial, commercial or residential building, the electricity consumption, financial health of your company, and state solar policy. Contact us to get more information.

What is net metering?

Net metering is a law that enables state governments to buy back the excess electricity produced by solar projects and the subsequent deductions are made on the electricity bills.

How to Contact Unergia?

Fill up the GO Solar! form at the top of this page and we will contact you right away. You can find the best solar model for your roof.

Do I have to maintain the solar plant?

Yes, good maintenance of the solar plant ensures that it will run efficiently. However, maintaining solar panels is easy. Unergia and our installer will give maintenance training to the customer. Unergia also has solar maintenance contractor who can take care of your maintenance.